Yuet Dynasty

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The State of Yuet, or the Yuet Dynasty (Bai: 越朝), was a Bai-led kingdom situated in today's Cinasia on the Muinon Peninsula. Established by elite Bai immigrants led by ___ in 1543, it was later conquered by Bai forces in 1732. The kings continued to administer the area as vassals until the last king was exiled in 1833 to Yuethon following a botched rebellion under him.

Since the colonisation of the peninsula in the 15th century by the Bai, several Bai merchants began settling and carving their own livelihoods on the peninsula. At the end of the century, the new Bai generation became more detached from their supposed homeland. With the weakening of Suo's control on the peninsula and in protests of the Suo's taxation and labour policies, the several merchants, supported by Bai immigrants, then proclaimed the creation of their own Yuet dynasty in 1543. The Bai Administration of Muinon, the colonial government supporting the Suo, tried to bring down the 'rebel' kingdom but largely failed due to the lack of forces and support. The creation of the Yuet divided modern Sin Se and Archanta from the rest of the peninsula, affecting supply lines on the peninsula and the Administration's control, leading to the loss of Sin Se to Kalmish forces.

The Yuet continued to rule and function as an independent Bai kingdom throughout the 16th to 18th centuries, despite lacking legitimacy as either a Bai kingdom or an independent regime. It developed its own currency, laws, taxation system and military force and became a dominant power on the peninsula. Nevertheless, its end came when the Middle Bai Dynasty decided to annex the kingdom, and continued as a vassal through the Lek Yuen Treaty until the last king was deposed and exiled in 1833.