Trac Khe

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9, 27.6823, 157.5187
Trac Khe
Trác Khê
State of Kuehong
CountryFlag of Kuehong.png Kuehong
 • Total area21899.18 km2
 • Census (2016)2.5 million

Trac Khe (Kuehongese: 卓溪 Trác Khê) (location) is a state in southern Kuehong. It is bordered by Chien Linh to the north, Bakdep Capital District to the northeast, Loi Xo to the east and Cinasia to the south. The state capital is Lim Dat, located on Lim Dat island, while the largest city is Loang Khuech.

The Neegs make up a majority in the state, accounting for 45% of the population, while the Kue make up of 30% and the rest are other ethnic groups. Due to such demographics, Trac Khe is known to be one of the hotspots for many ethnic conflicts in Kuehong, the most well-known being the Neeg Rebellion in 2001.



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