Trần Chí Duệ

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Tran Chi Due (8 November 1907 - 22 July 1979) was a Kuehongese military official and politician who served initially as Prime Minister from 1966 to 1968, and later Head of State as the Chairman of the National Congress from 1968 until his death in 1979. Coming to power after pressuring the president Dương Văn Khánh to support his bid for the prime minister post, he later orchestrated the 1967 coup that ushered in military rule in the country.

Under his rule, Kuehong transformed into a stratocracy. The military strengthened and solidified its role not only in politics but also in the economy and the social life of the people. Tran went on to pursue a series of nation-building schemes, emphasising industrial and rural development that brought about economic growth in the country.

Tran remained largely popular during his rule due to the political stability and economic growth enjoyed under his rule. However, he still faced considerable opposition, and survived two assassination attempts and an attempted coup against him. Tran went on to silence critics and cracked down on the opposition, taking control of the media and restricted freedom of speech. In July 1979, Tran suffered a stroke and eventually died after weeks in hospitalisation.