Tan Yiing

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Chen Yijing (Bai: 陈毅敬), also known as General Tan Yijing, (20 July 1892-3 April 1945) was a communist leader of the Bai Socialist Republic from 1932 until her death in 1945. Her rule oversaw the regional war against the Bai Fascist Republic and its allies and increasing cooperation with Kanglapo, then ruled by her husband Ming Sa Hing. Even before her rule, she has quite a significant influence over the country and even had an intense cult of personality around her before she officially took power.

Known for her uncompromising politics and leadership style, she was also an accomplished cellist and musician. She initially studied music at Ingerland with Ming Sa Hing but later became a barrister on her father's request to lead her into politics. She then returned to Bai and gradually took up government roles in the Bai government, and was appointed to succeed her father in 1930. Upon her father's death, she became the leader of Socialist Bai.