Suo Dynasty

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The Suo Dynasty was a Ninwan-led Bai imperial dynasty which ruled over the Bai Empire from 1327 to 1671, after the collapse of the Bai Dynasty in 1299 and the Ninwan conquest of the Bai soon after. It was later overthrown by the Lin Dynasty in the 17th century after decades of political decay.

The Bai Empire collapsed in 1299 after internal rifts led to its split, leading into a civil war as the various dynasties competed for control over the Bai. The Ninwans then invaded and conquered the empire in 1312, and the Suo was eventually officially proclaimed by Takashi Haru in 1327. It was one of the few non-Bai dynasties that ruled over the empire. Takashi's successor, Yuhi Haru, launched an exploration campaign beyond Orano that eventually led to Bai's colonisation around the world in the 15th and 16th centuries.

However, the exploration projects led to a strain of domestic resources, and great famines in the 16th centuries did not help. The Bai Imperial National Trading Company, who had aided the Suo in its exploits, began to turn its back to the Suo after the Suo emperor Yishen made tax reforms that did not benefit the rich. The Suo began to crumble in the 17th century due to failed reforms in the economy and starving masses of the peasants, followed by factions and self-proclaimed dynasties that contested the Suo's rule. It eventually collapsed after the Lin invaded the Suo in 1671, ending the Suo Dynasty.