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The Shaachrau Islets is an archipelago in the Ardentic Ocean southeast of the Muinon Peninsula, about 100km southeast of Kuehong. It is currently divided into two political entities: The Kue Republic of Tucau and the Bai Mandate of Xiuqiu.

Settled by the Shaa people since 4000 BC, the islets, due to their remote location and inaccessibility, were largely ignored until the Late Kue Kingdoms period. Since 800 AD, the islands were part of the Kue through a rather peaceful occupation, and the islands under Kue rule saw the construction of new fortifications to defend the kingdom from invasions. Like the rest of the Muinon Peninsula, the islands were put under Bai rule but did not join the Muinon union after Bai's withdrawal. The Shaa people, instead, proclaimed independence in 1922 and resisted attempts to join the union despite some of the Kue on the island expressing willingness to do so. For the rest of the 40s and 50s, the Shaa was ruled by the corrupt Chyy-government-backed by Cinasia and Bai, until the regime collapsed upon the death of Chyy Gaopien through a coup, resulting in the Shaa civil war.

The new military regime of Kuehong proceeded to intervene and set up a puppet government on the east, while Bai and Cinasian forces backed the remnants of the Chyy regime. In 1972, the war ended in a ceasefire, and the unoccupied zones became an AN mandate backed by Bai, while Kuehong continues to occupy the eastern group of islets that are majority-Kue populated. The occupation of Kuehong has been widely condemned as illegal and the international community refused to acknowledge the Kue Republic of Tucau, which is viewed as a puppet regime of Kuehong. Hence, the islands remain de facto divided between Tucau and Xiuqiu, with both sides claiming sovereignty over the islets.