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The National Security and Stability Council, or the NSSC, is the executive branch of the Kuehongese government. A military junta, it is led by the Chairman of the Council, the Head of State, appointed among the 12 members of the NSSC. The NSSC is often considered to be the supreme governing body of Kuehong.

The Central Committee of Kuehong, a political body comprising all the high-ranking military officials in the country, nominally elects the members of the NSSC every five years. Nine out of the twelve Council members leads the individual states and the Bakdep Federal Territory as their respective High Commanders.

The NSSC succeeds the Central Security and Stability Congress (CSSC) on 30 April 1993, after a series of political restructuring within the Kuehong political system by then Chairman Ly Duc An. It dissolved some of the CSSC powers to the newly-created legislature the National Assembly. Still, the NSSC takes charge of critical political decisions, such as the redrafting of the constitution, the appointment of the Chief Assembly and dissolving or swearing-in of the National Assembly before and after the Assembly elections.

Current Members[edit]

The following are the current members of the NSSC, elected by the Central Committee of Kuehong in the 2016 National Committee Session. Two of the members have been replaced due to their deaths in office.

Rank Name Position(s)
Senior Colonel Vu Yền Lực Chairman of the NSSC
Chief of General Staff
High Commander of Chien Linh
General Lê Văn Kiệt Vice-Chairman
Vice-Chief of General Staff (Army)
High Commander of Bakdep Federal Territory
Director for National Trade and Finance Management
Commodore Nông Khả Phiêu Vice-Chief of General Staff (Navy)
High Commander of Vang Ngat
Director for National Education
Colonel General Nguyễn Văn Khải Vice-Chief of General Staff (Air Force)
High Commander of Bo Sinh
Director for National Development and Infrastructure
Colonel Trần Mạnh Cầm Colonel-General Staff
High Commander of Dau Ho
Coordinating General for Internal Communications
Colonel Trương Khoan Tú Military Appointment General
Chief of the National Department for Weapons Development
High Commander of Da Ma
Major General Dương Lành Hoàng Vice-Quartermaster General
High Commander of Phuong Lam
Lieutenant General Anh Hùng Tran Director General of Military Training
High Commander of Loi Xo
Major Hoạn Công Phạm High Commander of Trac Khe
Director-General for Health
Colonel General Xuân Nhung Nguyen Commander of Northern Military Command
Counsellor for External Affairs
Major Cát Hữu Nguyen Commander of Central Military Command
Counsellor for Internal Affairs
Colonel Trí Quân Ngo Commander of Southeast Military Command