Ly Duc An

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Ly Duc An
Lý Duc An
Ly in 1993
Chairman of the Security and Stability Congress
In office
1 September 1990 - 24 February 1996
Predecessor Trần Tu Tín
Successor Diep Duy Tam

Ly Duc An (born 2 February 1933) was a Kuehongese military official and politician who led Kuehong as the Chairman of the National Security and Stability Conucil from 1990 to 1996. Initially hailed as a reformist, support for him later dropped when he refused to implement further political reforms. He was later overthrown in a coup in 1996 after his controversial decision to extend his term in 1994 and later was put under house arrest for abusing his power and his role in the Hav Cuag massacre in 1993. He still remains under house arrest to this day.