List of heads of state of Kuehong

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The following is the list of heads of states of Kuehong.

Name Portrait Term of office Notes
Democratic Kuehong.png Democratic Kuehong
Số Một
(born Đặng Dâu Thạp)
So Mot.jpg 1942-1954 Infamous dictator of Democratic Kuehong, who transformed it under a totalitarian dictatorship and responsible for the killing of many Kuehongese through purges or forced labour.
Unified Kuehong
Military Era (1970s onwards)
1 General Trần Chí Duệ Nguyễn Khánh 1964.jpg 1970-1979 First military leader, who brought the whole nation under the military and formalised military rule.
2 Colonel General Vũ Tuấn Hưng Kyaw Zaw.png 1979-1984 Second military leader who brought about reforms, later resigned in a corruption scandal.
3 Captain Trần Tu Tín Đoàn Khuê.jpg 1984-1990 Third leader, the one behind the government reforms, brought further progress in democracy efforts in the country.
4 General Ly Duc An Senior General Min Aung Hlaing 2017 (cropped).jpg 1990-1996 First one to implement four-year term limits for chairman. However, he didn't keep to his promises of reforms and was later overthrown.
5 Lieutenant General Diep Duy Tam Bouasone.jpg 1996-1998 Though served for a relatively short-term, he helped further made progress in the reformation of Kuehong.
6 Major General Diep Quang Nhan Kem Sokha (2013).jpg 1998-2011 Longest serving military head, has overseen further reforms and modernisation in the country.
7 Senior Colonel Vu Yền Lực Yawd Serk.jpg 2011-present Current chairman of the Congress