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Lua error in package.lua at line 80: module 'Module:Navbar/configuration' not found. Line U, formerly the University Link, is a light rail transit line in Gobras City, Gobrassanya, operated by RT-Metro. Coloured teal on official maps, it serves about 18 stations from the University of Gobrassanya (Gobras City) to the World Port, carrying a total of 923,007 passengers in 2016. Since 2003, the line was assigned Line U and was considered part of the nine metro lines of the RT-Metro system, the only metro line not assigned a number.

Before the light rail, a streetcar system used to connect between the Gobrassanya Institute of Technology (GIOT) and the UGGC. With the planned redevelopments of the city in the 60s and 70s, a new light rail system was proposed to replace the unreliable streetcar system. The project, named the University Link, was initially managed by two private companies before the RT-Metro Authority took over the project in 1964. Its final alignment was approved in 1968 and construction began soon afterwards. The line from Arena to UGGC opened on 6 March 1975, followed by the GIOT segment on 5 May 1977. After plans were approved to extend the line to the Worldport, the current line was fully completed on 21 June 1980.

The Line U is served by Vehikar U30 Electric manufactured from the Demirhan Empire. Since 1990, the line is fully automated and driverless with barrier-free access at all stations. In 2005, it was announced that the line could be extended to a new marine research facility by UGGC at Gobras City Port, but nothing has been planned since due to lack of ridership demand.