Line 7 (RT-Metro)

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Line 7 is a medium-capacity transit line in Gobras City, Gobrassanya part of the Gobras City Metro. Connecting from District Line Road station (the westernmost station in GC) to Sky Point West, its the only line that does not go through the downtown area but serves the neighbourhoods along Pease Road.

The 'original' Line 7 ran from Isaulk to Gobras City Depot as a commuter service, then operated by the Marshall Central Railway Company in 1912. It then extended to Coronado station in 1927 and continued as Line 7 after the RT-Metro acquisition. It ceased its services in 1964 due to low passenger traffic as it parallels the other commuter railway services. Before its withdrawal, however, there were plans to extend the service to GSWX via Lhatvogh, branching off from Ibis Park station. The Lhatvogh plans were revived in 1975, with changes including extending it to a Line 8 branch at Quayleeplan. Construction began in 1983 and completed in 1987 as Line 7, served by four-car R800 trains (later withdrawn in 1992).

Line 7 later extended to Tissons in 1982, and then to Kinser's End in 1997, despite the controversy that the extension will be just a 'white elephant'. In 2014, the line extended to District Line road to serve the new developments around the District one road station. The line is fully automated and is run by the A74 and A700s. Plans are being made to reroute the line to Marcais and extend the line to Tully Circus in the future.