Lin Dynasty

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The Lin Dynasty (Bai: 林朝) was a Bai Imperial Dynasty that lasted from the 1550s to 1803 and was the official ruling dynasty of Bai from 1641 to 1758. Founded by the Bai Imperial National Trading Company, who had aided the Suo in its exploits, it began to exert more influence in the region due to the company's control of the trade and economy of the empire. After the Suo went literally bankrupt, the Lin proceeded to launch a costly war which brought down the remnants of the Suo and replaced the Suo as the dominant dynasty of the Bai in 1671.

The Lin greatly reversed much of the Suo's policies; suspending colonial exploits and withdrew control of some of its territories which the Lin does not view as 'profitable'. Many or parts of its territories were leased to other Ulethan powers, especially its ally Ingerland which backed the dynasty. The Lin increased engagement with the Ulethans, which greatly impacted some of the empire' traditional values and beliefs and the local cuisine and culture.

The Lin's control over the Bai was rather short and contested by the Western Suo (until 1671), and _ dynasties and other factions claiming control of the empire or parts of it. Its downfall was largely due to its corruption and the people's increasing dissatisfaction with the living conditions blamed on the upper ruling class' influence. Sporadic rebellions were made, and the dynasty collapsed after the mass Bai Restoration that led to the establishment of the Middle Bai Dynasty in 1758.