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GSWX (Gobras Southwest Cross) station is an intermodal interchange station in Lamme, Gobras City, Gobrassanya. Located at the junction of Pease Road and Omorxiato Way and next to the Cross Bus Hub, it is served by the GoRail ML services and the RT-Metro Lines 1, 3, 4, 7 and 9. It is also the terminus of the Arena Tram (AT) branch to this station.

Before GSWX, the station was known as West Hampton Railway station, built by the Great Keena & Chanayette Railway in 1897. The station continued to serve the company's rail services even after the company was nationalised in 1957. In 1976, a proposal to expand the station was drawn up, to make it an intermodal transit hub linking between the GoRail, RT-Metro and bus lines. Expansion works began as Lines 3 (then Line W) and 4 extended to serve the station. The expansion works finished in 1985, and the station was renamed GSWX. Due to its location and the lines it serves, the station is one of the most heavily used stations on the RT-Metro network.


West Hampton Railway station[edit]

The exterior of West Hampton station.

The Great Keena & Chanayette Railway constructed its rail line from Keena to Lynchester West Railway station through Lamme in the 1890s. The Lamme Bus and Motors Company managed to secure an agreement with the Great Keena & Chanayette Railway to have a station serving its bus station at Alder Cross. The station, when it opened on 8 August 1897, was initially named as West Hampton. The station later served freight services between the newly-built Gobras City Depot and the industrial areas of Lamme.

New tracks and platforms were built in the 1910s to accommodate the new train services to Pradaleen and Milaukáshka by the Pradaleen and Central Railway. The station was then served by long haul train services to the cities and towns in southwestern continents by the Southshore Steam Railways, which absorbed the Pradaleen and Central Railway. The Southshore Steam Railways took ownership of the Keena branch from the Great Keena & Chanayette Railway in 1927, and renamed the station to Gobras Southwest. The Great Keena & Chanayette continued operating its service at the station along the Keena branch.

The station went through another upgrade in 1934 when Southshore Electric (successor of Southshore Steam) started to fully convert from steam locomotives to electric and diesel locomotives. The tracks were electrified to serve the electric trains. The station's prominence started to decline when the company diverted its services to the Capitol Meadows line, which has opened its depots and garages along the line. The industrial companies also started to move away from the station over changes in the city zoning, with new residential development around the station. The station continued to be served by one freight service to serve the now smaller industrial park, alongside passenger services by the Great Keena & Chanayette Railway.

Nationalisation and GSWX[edit]

The main station platforms of GSWX.

In 1954, GoRail manages to take over the station as Great Keena & Chanayette and Southshore were absorbed into the company. Local commuter services continued between Obennai South and Keena, while regional rail services to Pradaleen were reinstated in 1956. Plans to improve the station and the surrounding area were drawn up in the 60s and 70s to bolster passenger numbers at the station. At the same time, the RT-Metro was considering a 'metro hub' at the west, for future metro lines at the west to interchange with one another. Although initially planned to have the hub at Arena, the various line alignments and limited space proved the plans unfeasible, and the plans were moved to Gobras Southwest station.

Plans were eventually finalised in 1976 after prolonged discussions between the GoRail and RT-Metro authorities. As part of the plans, the station will be rebuilt with a new station building and concourse, with new platforms for the Line 4 extension from Arena to Isaulk and underground platforms for the new Worldport metro line (later Lines 3 and 9). A new signalling scheme was also set up for the Lamme rail corridor for accommodating the RT-Metro Lines 1 and 4 and the ML services. A new roof was also built over the platforms. The new station was reopened on 20 July 1985 by the Gobrassian president, who hailed the newly completed station as a 'milestone' in the RT-Metro network operations.

In 1991, the station expanded again to accommodate the new underground Line 7 platforms, with new retail facilities at the station. The contract for the construction of the Line 7 station and tunnels was awarded to the Ormeo Construction Company at a sum of 176 million Gobrassian Daras. To facilitate the construction, the Omorxiato Way over the station has to be closed. The construction of the station was rather complex as the Line 7 station was underneath the existing platforms. A two-level linkway was built linking up the various lines platforms with new entrances at the retail developments around the station.

Station details[edit]


The station is along the Lamme rail corridor of the GoRail ML network. On the GoRail network, it serves regional train services to Milaukáshka (local) and Pradaleen (local and express). The station preceding GSWX is Arena for the three GoRail services, while the next stations are Oziaro Mainline for both the local services or Lauk'Il Crossing for the Pradaleen express.

The station also serves the RT-Metro lines of Lines 1, 3, 4, 7 and 9. On Line 1, the station is after Oziato station, while the station is the terminus for Line 3. On Line 4, the station is after Points Park station. Lines 1, 3 and 4 interchange at Lamme station after GSWX. On Line 7, the station is between Lamme Birches and Wariana North, and on Line 9 the station is between Harziato Circus and Kinser Cross.

The station is also the terminus for the AT branch to this station. The branch only operates on weekends and sports events, and public holidays, linking the station to the Arena Tram loop around the Arena Sports Centre.

Preceding station GoRail ML Following station
Oziato Mainline
towards Milaukáshka
City Depot - GSWX - Milaukáshka Arena
towards Gobras City Depot
Oziato Mainline
towards Pradaleen
City Depot - Pradaleen Local Arena
towards Gobras City Depot
Lauk'Il Crossing
towards Pradaleen
City Depot - Pradaleen Express Gobras City Depot
Preceding station Gobras City Metro Following station
Oziato Mainline
towards Keena South
Line 1 Lamme
towards South Obenaai
Terminus Line 3 Lamme
towards Obenaai Beach
Points Park
towards Geolympiad Lake via Isaulk
Line 4 Lamme
towards Geolympiad Lake via Arena
Lamme Birches
towards District Line Road
Line 7 Wairina North
towards SkyPoint West
Harziato Circus
towards Worldport
Line 9 Kinser Cross
towards Obenaai Center
Terminus Arena Tram
GSWX clockwise service
towards GSWX via Gamma West
Arena Tram
GSWX counter-clockwise service
towards GSWX via Media City